20 Blessings and Learnings from COVID-19 

20 Blessings and Learnings from COVID-19 

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20 Blessings and Learnings from COVID-19

by: Elizabeth Lewis

Life Coach/Relationship Coach/Author


Blessings? What? So many have lost their jobs, freedoms or worse – their lives during the global pandemic of COVID-19!! “Where is the blessing in THAT?” you may ask. Well, I can’t answer that today but over time, I bet we will find a blessing or learning. Here are just a few things that I’ve gleaned through this awful pandemic, so far:


  1. The importance of “being still.” We don’t like to be still but being still is needed for so many reasons (reflecting, re-evaluating, re-focusing, hearing God, etc).
  2. The importance of SAVING money so during an emergency you have money. Dave Ramsey’s program suggests you save 6 months’ worth of salary to help in an emergency. My parents taught me this and my kids were taught this. If this has not been your practice, you can start saving NOW in case this happens again? (Your current expenses are likely less during this time… a great time to start saving).
  3. Maybe now we will ALL start to wash our hands more. Before this, only 4 in 10 washed their hands…how awesome if that number could double! That will help during flu season and help us ward off many viruses including the common cold.
  4. This has given us time to reflect on the things most important in life… the answers are found in the VOID and because we live in a noisy world, getting quiet helps us listen. Do you find yourself with more quiet time? If not, it can easily be found. I think we’d collectively agree that connections with others are so vital to living a full life.
  5. This is a BIG one… maybe after this is over, more people will think more about others… we live in an all about me world and with COVID- we have to worry about others more than ourselves. God likely is smiling down on this one.
  6. Maybe we are learning to conserve—toilet paper was short. Did you try to use less? Did you use real plates and not paper plates? Did anyone reuse a baggie or Reynolds wrap? (You may not have gone that far but I remember my grandmother doing this b/c she lived during The Great Depression). We might be recognizing that there are a lot of things we can actually live without. I also know we all are driving less which ultimately helps our global warming issue.
  7. Maybe we have felt the importance of checking in with friends more often? Maybe we are even talking on the phone more? The virtual Zoom meetings and virtual hugs don’t totally cut it…. but… it’s certainly better than nothing at all… I’m grateful for social media because at least I FEEL like I’m looking at my family and friends. There will be LOTS of hugging going on after this…. at least that is my hope.
  8. I know parents more appreciate the role of teachers. Imagine one teacher managing 24-120 kids per day… 175 days a year… keeping them on task, with high expectations, managing behavior issues/administrator requirements/parent demands… AND the pressure of making high test scores. Teachers are also daily heroes in my book.
  9. How many of you got back to having dinner as a family? I grew up doing this 6-7 nights a week… most families have this 0-1 times a week. So even if you are accomplishing this 3-4 nights a week- what a blessing. THESE are the things our kids will remember.
  10. I think many have also appreciated doctors and nurses in our lives but we likely appreciate the WAY more now knowing what they’re “knowingly” walking into each day and then coming back home to their families (many distancing and/or quarantining once home).
  11. For singles living alone, this is/has been a painfully lonely time for many… it has definitely slowed down meeting new people and the good thing is, it may have slowed the “getting to know you stage.” It’s always better to move slowly, especially at the beginning of a relationship.
  12. We are closer as a nation due to comparative suffering. We are all going through the same hardships and loss of freedom. Also, we are grieving as a nation… grieving our freedoms, our routine, our ability to see the people we see and love each day. Our way of living will surely change after this is done (we don’t know what that will look like yet)?
  13. Freedoms… don’t you now appreciate more the daily freedoms we have of going wherever we want, whenever we want? We can’t appreciate “normal” until “normal” is gone.
  14. I think we have found the importance of having a daily schedule. With a schedule, one seems to accomplish more. When you just get up blindly knowing what you’ll do that day…. not as much gets done. This would be true in our “normal” lives so keep a schedule both now and when this is all over.
  15. I think we have learned the difference between calm spreaders and fear mongers. We have learned to not just believe everything that is posted. We have learned to fact check.
  16. On the nice days, do you maybe actually see and talk to your neighbors (with proper distance, of course)? I loved seeing entire families going on walks together. How often did we ever see a family of 5 taking a walk (all ages) pre-COVID? It’s just rare to see. This would be a nice new normal.
  17. Those with teenagers, likely KNOW them better than you would have otherwise. There has been more time for talking and being together. Maybe even some families taught their kids how to cook, change the oil, make a budget, sew a mask, and other skills that most don’t think about teaching their kids because everyone is on the go?
  18. Do you maybe NOW value your health a little more? With good health, our bodies can ward off so much. Instead of gaining the “Quarantine 15” we ‘should’ use this time to get in better shape! (This one I’m struggling with, too).
  19. I noticed that many are looking for ways to encourage one another through social media. Yes, there are still some negative and political posts, but everyone is enjoying showing ways they’re surviving, encouraging others to do the same and of course, dreaming about what we will do after this is all over.
  20. Finally, I think we, collectively, are finding our strength. We CAN make it through tough times (even though staying at home with all our comforts isn’t as tough as those working in the health care industry or a thousand other tough things). All we have to do is be without our normal conveniences. We still have electricity, our computers, cell phones, food to eat, shelter and most have money in the bank (and if not, you’re able to get disability).


I know there are many more lessons that we are learning through this global pandemic and I know there are many more blessings to come. Pat yourself on the back for doing YOUR part to help protect others. This one will go in the history books! Maybe your grandchildren will interview you for a school project one day. “Grandma, what was it like living during the COVID pandemic?”  I hope and pray that moving forward, we will be better prepared if this ever happens to us again….


Feel free to make a comment of a blessing or a learning you have discovered during this time…

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