Covid-19 and Dating

covid kissing

I have had 3 people in the last 24 hours ask me to write a blog about Covid-19 and Dating… this will be short and sweet but here you go….Covid-19 won’t stop people from looking for love… On Monday, OkCupid asked its daters if they’re still willing to go out on dates, and 92% in the US said yes. (That compares with 45% in Italy — where it might be harder to do now that the country has closed up bars, restaurants and the like— and 71% in South Korea, where around a quarter of a million people have been tested since late January.)


Here are some things to consider:


  1. How healthy are you? If you’re in the vulnerable age range, then be aware of the risks. If you’re not as healthy as you have been in the past, then slow down your contact and speed of meeting and greeting.
  2. Consider with whom you’re in contact. Your elderly parents. Younger grandkids whose parents might be vulnerable?
  3. If you work with sick patients or the elderly, you might want to consider slowing your meet and greets, as well….


So how should you proceed?


  1. Keep connecting/chatting online. You might add a new question to your discovery. “Have you traveled anywhere lately?”
  2. Go from texting to a phone call.
  3. Facetime/ Skype is a GREAT way to meet without meeting! You can still feel the energy of the person. (I recommend this before meeting someone that lives further away anyway). A fun app called Marco Polo allows you to send video messages to each other. Just something fun and different?


The Meet-and-Greet


If you still choose to meet….

  • Maybe pick something outside… .a walk/ a hike/ etc.
  • Still public places but maybe a smaller crowd at that location.
  • Wash often. Limit contact. Maybe hold out for that 1st kiss (leave them wanting more!) It’s BEST to go slow anyway so this is a GREAT way to go slow. J


So bottom line… follow all precautions given by authorities/experts, but keep connecting via online and technology. In fact, if you’re NOT dating online, I predict a surge in users at this time because people have more time on your hands.


If you’d like assistance with dating (off OR online), I can help you! All my prices are on my website along with other options (my classes, my book, etc) that you might find beneficial.


Good luck in your search! This, too, shall pass.

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