9 Most Fatal Mistakes People Make When NOT Choosing a Life Coach

By: Elizabeth Lewis

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I’ve always said everyone needs a therapist and a life coach. You might think that’s because I AM a Life Coach. Well, I’m sure that plays a small part in my thinking… but when I became a Life Coach, I didn’t even know what a transformational career it’d be; not only to my clients but also to me. Coaches help you stretch beyond what you’d do on your own and help you break free from your comfort zone so you can grow and thrive in every area of your life. They help you brainstorm, tackle and concur your fears so you can move forward. Here is what I’ve learned about why people DON’T hire a life coach.


  1. “I don’t even know what a Life Coach is?” Many people ‘hear’ the term Coach or Life Coach… but don’t totally know what they do. All coaches are a bit different and many have a ‘niche,’ in which, they specialize, but ALL coaches are about helping you move FORWARD in whichever way you need to move forward. It doesn’t mean you’re broken or has issues or are a weak person. Rather, in contrast…. every world-class athlete, performer, top CEO’s and even Tony Robbins has a Life Coach. (I have one, too). The focus is on positive change: stating this is where I am now, then, what do I want next? Essentially, Life Coaching helps you think differently and learn for yourself what is best for you.  Seeking coaching is more a sign of strength than a weakness because unless you keep growing, you’re dying.


  1. “I can do life on my own. I don’t need a coach.” I’d say, you don’t know what you don’t know until you know it. Because no one’s life is perfect and everyone has ‘something’ he/she could improve, a Life Coach is a perfect person to help you focus and raise the bar of how you’re currently operating. Are you living your life purpose? Are you living your life ON purpose? Are you taking risks and engaging life in the best way you know how are playing small? Are you productive/organized? Are you meeting your monthly/yearly goals? Do you even have goals? How are you with managing money? What is the quality of your relationships? ALL of these are GREAT reasons to hire a Life Coach.



  1. “I have God and that’s all I need.” I certainly won’t disagree that God is all we really need (and is the ultimate Life Coach). I’m a very spiritual person and spend lots of time talking with God…. But I still think it best to process all of life’s conundrums with a coach. Especially one that can help you with your spiritual questions, if that is a concern. God is very much a part of the process, should you lean that way. If you don’t believe in God, you likely believe is something outside of yourself and still want the best life possible. A coach can help you with that.


  1. “It costs too much money.”                                                       Just like all meaningful goods and services, it’s something for which you can save your money. You’re making an investment in YOURSELF…. You spend money on home improvements, your wardrobe, a gym membership, beauty and health supplements, entertainment and eating out. You likely just don’t understand the value of having a coach. A Life Coach will help you clean the cobwebs out of your brain and get you thinking with an abundance mindset and help you diminish your limiting beliefs. What you are doing now impacts your tomorrow. How are you investing in yourself? YOU are WORTH the investment.



  1. “What if the Coach hasn’t had any experience in the area I need help?” Most Coaches do not need to be an expert in the area you need help. YOU, the client, are the one with the answers. The coach simply works you through questions and activities that have YOU come up with the answers. A Life Coach does not sit and give you all the answers. The opposite happens… THEY ask YOU questions and YOU get to decide what is best for you. A coach that too closely mirrors you may share many of your own blind spots and biases. Also, most coaches will give you a FREE consultation to make sure you’re a good fit for each other. If not, they’ll recommend you to someone better suited…


6. “My parent/best friend help me when I need help.”

While processing life with a close parent and/or best friend has GREAT value, most times they are not objective enough to help you. They’ll comfort you and encourage you but they are IN IT just like you. A coach has a different perspective… more of a bird’s eye view and is more objective. Hiring a coach won’t eliminate your need to process with parents/best friends. It’ll enhance your support team in helping you be the BEST you can be.

  1. “My life is good enough. I’m happy with my life just as it is.”

Rationalizing yourself that overall, your life is ‘good enough’ kills dreams. It’s stuffing them in a drawer of complacency. Actually, being content is good but not at the expense of holding you back from your dreams! Even if it feels scary… FEAR is what holds everyone back. But you can also concur that fear and step into it and have an even more amazing life. We are here to help you celebrate the life that you have and cheer you on to an even better life!  Good just isn’t ‘good enough’ anymore. We were created to do and be much more!!


  1. “I’m shameful about certain aspects of my life and I don’t like talking about them.” It’s true that you might need therapy before hiring a coach, but coaching conversations are compass conversations. They are without borders and judgments and that compass is pointing at cultivating a richly expressive and meaningful life in every area of your life. Coaching isn’t about fixing, it’s more about fine-tuning. It’s about identifying how to make your life more alive, a holistic approach to living a balanced prosperous life. Brene Brown says that shame hates to have words wrapped around it. So, hiring a coach might be the most FREEING thing you’ve done in a long time! (All coaching is, of course, confidential).


  1. “I’m skeptical. I’m successful and don’t understand the value in hiring a coach.” A coach can push you to look at the things you want to ignore, enable you to see things you were unaware of and show you perspectives of which you were unaware. Someone once said the world needs dreamers and doers—actually we need dreamers who do. A coach will help you identify and keep you accountable for your values and dreams. Once you are successful, it’s time to up your game even more. Why? Because you can! You MUST!


Mark Twain said there are 2 days that are most important in your life. The day you were born and the day you find out why.

Here is a quote from David Frank Gomes, a Mindfulness/Life Coach

It’s not about problem-solving, but problems get solved.
It’s not about performance, but performance improves.
It’s not about goals, but they get achieved easier.
It’s not about results, but they improve naturally.

Coaching is not about making life problem-free, but about giving depth and value to your experiences that come from mindful living and thinking. It’s a way of effectively supporting people and cultures to empower themselves, find their own answers and support and nurture that process. It taps into the human need for collaboration in a non-judgmental way.

Your coach is listening to the very best in you, even when you can’t always hear it yourself.


Who am I (Elizabeth Lewis) and why should you hire me?


First, there are MANY good coaches out there and if we are not a good fit for each other, I can recommend a different coach.


Secondly, you should hire me because I’m well-trained (via CTI- Coaches Training Institute), passionate, spiritual, organized, and will make you a priority. I also make myself AVAILABLE. Each client gets full text/email privileges between sessions for that last-minute question that needs to be processed. My ‘niche’ is working with relationships… any relationships… romantic (single or married), family, friendships… I LOVE life and LOVE people and I’d love the opportunity to be YOUR Life Coach. If you live in Louisville or surrounding areas, I coach in my home. For out of town/state clients, we can coach by phone, Facetime, Skype or Zoom meeting.  I will give you a FREE consultation to ensure you’re a good fit for me and for you to see if I’m a good fit for you. No pressure to hire me. I have plenty of clients who rotate in and out and am happy with however many clients I obtain.


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