Harnessing Love

Falling in love is a fascinating experience, a sudden explosion of color in a, what used to be, a black-and-white world. Love transforms the ordinary into the mystical and the mundane into the charmed. Daily routines suddenly appear as rich in possibility and commonplace tasks take on new meaning. It’s a drug. We want more of it. Yet, just as easily as we are caught up in this delight, we can also come tumbling down to the hard earth with a BOOM! Love does NOT promise to heal all wounds and make straight all crooked paths. Those wounds need to be explored to new depths. Usually each time it happens. We just can’t lose hope…..

Years ago, I met a middle-aged friend, divorced woman (we’ll call her Sarah). She was rather plain looking, with straight, mousy brown hair and a wide, oval face. Her body was at least 25-30 lbs. overweight and she wore loose clothing that hung rather poorly on her. Yet, talk to her for 5 min. and your life was transformed. Her kindness spilled out in every gesture. She was filled with a sense of wonder and joy that was absolutely infectious and was a delight to be around. Everywhere we went, some man asked Sarah out on a date. She couldn’t even keep track of them.

We can’t wait for someone to choose us before we begin experiencing the magic of life and all that it has to offer. That’s like saying, I think I’ll wait to breathe until I meet “The One.” The deprivation could kill you, if not physically, then at least spiritually. We must fight the negative energy that tempts us to lose hope, letting the beauty of life go by unnoticed, and the sweetness of life go by untasted, until there is exactly the right person to see and taste it with.

We sometimes are perfection junkies, right? We have these very strict guidelines about what we think we should have, by when and with whom. (I’m guilty of this thinking) Yet, having rigid rules for your life is not the same thing as having a vision for your life. Being clear about what you want does not take the place of being open and available to the many wonderful opportunities for magic surrounding you each day. There is great freedom in being able to appreciate and thoroughly enjoy the life you have right now, including all its quirky and peculiar imperfections (we all have those, too). When we are busy making everything and everyone around us wrong (i.e., thinking we have the wrong bodies or the wrong jobs, we’re the wrong weight or are meeting all the wrong people), we strangle the expression of excitement and magic in our lives. For magic only happens when we are fully present and available to what IS so, and not preoccupied with what is NOT.

In order to live a blessed life, one must BE a blessing. That means that we have to give up complaining about what we don’t have and begin blessing all that we do. It means that we must consciously make an effort to see the extraordinary in the ordinary and the mystical in the mundane. We must make an effort to begin harnessing the forces of love in our most routine encounters. It is then that the hidden door will open to us, and we, too, will begin experiencing the magic that has, for so long, escaped us. We will discover that we were NEVER invited to the party. The invitation was right there in our pocket all along.

This week’s challenge (as seen on Facebook earlier this week): Practice unconditional acceptance of your life today just as it is, and make a conscious choice to be happy whenever possible. Every time you feel yourself frustrated, disappointed, and restless today, thank God for your life, exactly as it is and exactly as it is not. Affirm the goodness of your life whether or not you are getting what you want at any given moment.

“Waking up this morning, I smile. Twenty-four brand new hours are before me. I vow to live fully in each moment and to look at all beings with eyes of compassion.   ~ Yhich Nhat Hanh

Welcome to my 1st blog!

This is my 1st attempt at blogging so be gentle with me! I will probably write a variety of posts. Some of my posts will fall into the dating consulting arena (directed towards singles’ topics), others will be related to LIFE and being happy (directed towards a more fulfilling life for everyone). Occasionally, I’ll post my own life reflections/ family matters now that I’m half way through my life. So this is open to all.

We are only on this Earth a SMALL amount of time. A teeny, tiny amount of time….. so why not make the MOST of our life while we are here? Sometimes we are in survival mode and other times thriving mode. Will you survive or thrive? I’d like to challenge you to thrive!!

I’m not sure if this TED talk with post but if so, I found this interesting (I love TED talks and will share some of my favorite ones).

TED talk- Your body language shapes who you are

Feel free to give me feedback on any posting.